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10 Minutes 100 Push Ups Every Day Very Easy

10 Minutes 100 Push Ups Every Day Very Easy Dp

Optimize your training with 100 push ups a day!

This Chest Workout Will Challenge Your Entire Body, Boost Metabolism, will help in gaining power, strength, and muscle size. Make sure to warm-up your chest, shoulders and back prior to the workout. Repeat if you have extra time. For further detail instructions, you can also watch instructions video on his YT Channel.

1-Weighted pushups|20 each

There are lots of ways to make the classic pushup more difficult. You can elevate your feet, put your hands closer together, lift one leg, or place your hands on an unstable surface. But if you really want to hammer your chest, core, and arms, don’t be afraid to add some weight.


2-Incline Push ups Upper chest|20 each

Incline push-ups are the perfect compromise if you find that a standard push up is too difficult, or you have trouble easily getting down to the floor (and back up again) or for those with a shoulder, wrist or hand injury.


3-Decline push-ups Lower chest|20 each

The decline push up is an advanced upper body exercise that targets the muscles of the chest, the shoulders, back, and arms.


4-Wide Incline Push-ups|20 each

Push-ups are a favorite exercise both inside and outside of the gym. This movement, which requires no equipment and only your body weight, is a key marker in physical fitness tests and upper body strength development. While push-ups train both your strength and endurance, it’s their versatility as a compound exercise, or multi-joint exercise, that makes them so valuable in a fitness routine.


5-Diamond Push ups Exercise|20 each

Some of the diamond push up benefits are strong triceps, strong chest, strong front part of your deltoids and also a variant that is often overlooked: A strong core. As you can see the diamond push up benefits are quite awesome and it makes it an exercise definitely worth to master.



For further workouts at home and no need for equipment, 6 Pack Abs, You can check out here.



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