Adults Were Too Excited to Play in Kids' Playgrounds But Ended in Destroying Everything - Mix Ping

Adults Were Too Excited to Play in Kids’ Playgrounds But Ended in Destroying Everything


Moving on with your childhood is not possible for everyone. Some people still want some perks from their childhood but they end up being ridiculously embarrassed. Here are some people who tried playing in kids’ playground and results were hilarious.

  1. 1 The moment you realize your childhood is over

  2. 2 Guy gets stuck in kids' slide

  3. 3 Me too

  4. 4 Man trapped in children's playground

  5. 5 "My friend thought it be fun to go on the "baby" swings at the park and this happened"

  6. 6 It'll be fun they said

  7. 7 Young male trapped in swing

  8. 8 Girl stuck in rope baby swing

  9. 9 Over-enthusiastic mom got stuck in a child's swing

  10. 10 Dad stuck in playground spring rocker

  11. 11 Mel got stuck in a swing

  12. 12 lmao man stuck in a child swing

  13. 13 "When my daughter lauren harris gets stuck in a baby swing and has to get the fire brigade to get her out. I couldn't stop laughing"

  14. 14 Got really wasted one night, one thing led to another, and this happened

  15. 15 "This woman and ger 11-year-old niece got stuck in a Leicester playground"

  16. 16 "Throw back to the time I got stuck in a child's swing, I think before I got in my mother had declared that she bet me I couldn't."

  17. 17 "This man thought it would be a good idea to climb into this playground attraction"

  18. 18 "Crews released girl trapped in child's swing safety advice given advised to stick to see saw and round about"

  19. 19 The former big brother star Lisa Appleton got stuck in a tunnel

  20. 20 "Trying to get billy out of the baby swing, he was stuck for like 20 minutes."

  21. 21 "Blue watch are dealing with a 13 year old girl stuck in a baby swing. Please don't do this!"

  22. 22 Why do people keep trying this

  23. 23 Firefighter rescuing a teenager after she got stuck in a baby swing

  24. 24 What do you do when one of your 16 yr old gets stuck in the baby swing at the park??

  25. 25 We've all tried it at least once in our lives...

  26. 26 "Had to try this! And she got stuck in a baby swing"

  27. 27 Park swing

  28. 28 "The heroic story of how my friend got stuck in a children's swing and had to be rescued by the fire department"

  29. 29 One more swing destroyed

  30. 30 "Lexi got stuck in a baby swing"

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Jessica Smith


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