Artist Illustrates Her Life Which is All About Her Boyfriend and Her Cat - Mix Ping

Artist Illustrates Her Life Which is All About Her Boyfriend and Her Cat

Artist Illustrates Her Life Which is All About Her Boyfriend and Her Cat

In our life, we all have a weird side and we keep it to ourselves until we find someone as weird as no one.

Los Angeles based comic artist, Mary Parker, illustrate her daily life through her comics. She has a cat and a boyfriend. They mean everything to her. She loves her cat, doing drama to torture her boyfriend.

Scroll down to enjoy her illustrations.

  1. 1 How to win an argument. Stun them

  2. 2 Long term relationship

  3. 3 Gotdamn girl

  4. 4 Eye really don't know what's going on through

  5. 5 Online dating be like

  6. 6 Just because I die don't mean this is over

  7. 7 Don't make me smash them

  8. 8 When you're too shy to say anything so you just breathe near him and hopes he gets it.

  9. 9 Cats are bad**s but they don't do this on purpose

  10. 10 EyYyyYyyy baybay!

  11. 11 When you're extra asf

  12. 12 It was weird enough to work

  13. 13 Always there when you call

  14. 14 Yes almost!

  15. 15 So now I'm moving my leg

  16. 16 When you try ruining his stats

  17. 17 A trick to look like a boy

  18. 18 Gymming is not a cute activity

  19. 19 Does your boyfriend have the special ability to go into his "nothing box", where he can think of absolutely nothing?

  20. 20 Bfs with headphones

  21. 21 I need the validation on a weekly basis.

  22. 22 When your bigass face is more blinding than your phone screen

  23. 23 "Today at Ikea. I have a thing for chairs...especially rocking ones."

  24. 24 We are winter bodying hard right now! Cant stop wont stop

  25. 25 If you date me your clothes are my clothes too!

  26. 26 The Dutch Oven

  27. 27 Random thought

  28. 28 Food baby

  29. 29 When you make things worse

  30. 30 Love is texting and pooping

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