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Hidden Objects In Disney Movies You Probably Have Never Noticed

Hidden Objects In Disney Movies You Probably Have Never Noticed_Dp

You may have watched Disney movies a hundred times but I bet you have never noticed these hidden objects related to other Disney movies.

  1. 1 Sleeping Beauty's spinning wheel in Repunzal's tower

  2. 2 You can see Mickey Mouse in A Goofy Movie

  3. 3 In The Great Mouse Detective, Dumbo shows up as a bubble toy.

  4. 4 Here we can see Pumbaa from The Lion King making an appearance as a gargoyle in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  5. 5 Pongo made a cameo in Oliver & Company. You can see him during a song.

  6. 6 Jock from Lady and The Tramp appears during the “Twilight Bark” scene in 101 Dalmatians.

  7. 7 You can see Kermit the Frog in a crowd during The Little Mermaid.

  8. 8 A copy of Rapunzel was spotted on the shelf in Charlotte’s room in The Princess and the Frog. Tangled was released one year after The Princess and the Frog.

  9. 9 In The Little Mermaid, we can see Don Knotts’ Henry Limpet fish character, from The Incredible Mr. Limpet.

  10. 10 Maximus and Vladimir from Tangled made a quick cameo in Wreck-It-Ralph.

  11. 11 You can spot Flynn Rider and Rapunzel at Elsa’s coronation in Frozen.

  12. 12 Tiana and Naveen were there as well.

  13. 13 A little Mickey Mouse doll was spotted in Frozen…

  14. 14 …just like a Mike Wazowski small figure.

  15. 15 There’s a Mulan restaurant in Lilo & Stitch.

  16. 16 Pinocchio is hidden above Flynn Rider during the “I’ve Got a Dream” scene in Tangled.

  17. 17 Shere Kahn’s prey looks a lot like Bambi’s mom in The Jungle Book

  18. 18 In Disney’s upcoming movie Big Hero 6, we will see Hans from Frozen in a wanted poster.

  19. 19 Tick-Tock, the crocodile from Peter Pan, can be seen backstage during the concert in A Goofy Movie.

  20. 20 In Meet The Robinsons, we can see posters of The Jungle Book and Toy Story 2 in the background.

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