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How to Grow Glamorous? Visit and Have Inspiration

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How to Grow Glamorous? Visit and Have Inspiration

If you want to do something but do not have much courage, have inspiration about it from others and that’s exactly what helps you more to gather your courage and make a start. There is always someone who is your inspiration to pass through the hardest time peacefully.

Teenagers even adults, nowadays, been depressed about looks and beauty. The only question arises in their innocent brains is ‘how can I look better than her?’ or ‘what should I do to have better than they have?’. Well, hard work and determination are the keys to success.

The list of people we are here with wanted to be confident about their looks and they literally worked it out. They are going to be enough inspiration for you.

  1. 1 "10 Years of Adventure"

  2. 2 "13 and 26"

  3. 3 "One year, ending an unhappy relationship, and changing jobs can do a lot for your glow."

  4. 4 "Surprisingly less than a 2-year difference (19-20)"

  5. 5 "18 — 25: How do I look now?"

  6. 6 "Got a better haircut, found my chin, opened those eyes let some light in. Not as crazy as some of you guys on here btw you all look fantastic. But good start to my journey I’d say."

  7. 7 "11 to 27, somehow my nose changed entirely!"

  8. 8 "High school to now"

  9. 9 "[16 - 18] lost the hat, and started taking better care of myself."

  10. 10 "16 to 22 - Genuinely tought I rocked those bangs"

  11. 11 "I8 - 20. Been officially 2 years since I started caring about myself! Feels good"

  12. 12 "13>36 Middle School was rough"

  13. 13 "14 - 21 R.I.P bushy eyebrows, big nose, greasy hair and... coontails??"

  14. 14 "16 vs 27. Lost the double chin. Stopped having to wear the hideous school uniform."

  15. 15 "11 to 20.... I think I turned out okay, and don’t mind the insanely eye piercing rain jacket, it’s Actually dark navy blue but the camera flash makes it reflective (it’s because I work at night outside so it’s a safety precaution against cars)"

  16. 16 "15-29 Giving up looking like a Peruvian Jackie Chan did wonders."

  17. 17 "10 > 17. Learned to embrace my femininity"

  18. 18 "13-23, thank God I outgrew the Bieber hair"

  19. 19 "13 to 22. Lost the greasy hair and somehow got a lighter skin? Used to get teased by some people because I don’t look like my race (have a Chinese descent)"

  20. 20 "All the comments from when I was younger have left me feeling insecure no matter what I look like in the outside (13-14 to now)"

  21. 21 "grow a beard, do some fitness, add a few tattoos, et voilà! (age17-30)"

  22. 22 "13-18 I went from being insecure and self-hating to someone I have learned to love. I still have my days but I’m getting better with time."

  23. 23 "(16-24) I never tried to look good growing up due to mental abuse and self doubt but I’m really starting to gain confidence in how I look."

  24. 24 "9th Grade >> 2 weeks ago, negative peers in high school don't matter and you're all beautiful"

  25. 25 "Age 11 to age 22. Wow hahaha"

  26. 26 "11 - 21, I'd like to think I've improved a bit"

  27. 27 "Age 11 - Age 60. Half a century of transforming slowwwwwwly."

  28. 28 "Age 13 vs age 19. Wish I could tell my younger self that one day the people who pick on you will be desperately trying to sleep with you!"

  29. 29 "12→24. Not sure how this happened but I'm glad it did"

  30. 30 "age 11 -> age 12 -> age 18! was the butt of so many jokes that i was voted class clown"

  31. 31 "17 - 19 Went from just being alive to actually living"

  32. 32 "Still got some pounds to lose but 4 years and a good haircut make one hell of a difference (15 -> 19)"

  33. 33 "Me at 12 and 21, I thank the universe."

  34. 34 "12-18 - As you can see I no longer give myself bangs"

  35. 35 "10, 14, and 24! I was made fun of until my senior year of high school. My face filled out to spite all the bullies. They all peaked in high school and I’m still peaking!"

  36. 36 "2011 - 2018 (16 years old vs 24 years old)"

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