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Unusual Weirdos Found In Nightclubs

Unusual Weirdos Found In Nightclubs

We have some of the most hilarious post-nightclub creatures. Here are some weirdos people ran into while being at nightclubs. The funny thing is they look way too weird and hilarious.

  1. 1 "My friend (unbeknownst to her) got her picture taken by a nightclub photographer. So THAT's what the guy's face looked like last night..."

  2. 2 Meanwhile, in Ireland...

  3. 3 Night-club guy losing a tooth

  4. 4 Did she fart?

  5. 5 What made you so excited?

  6. 6 An electric shock?

  7. 7 The chamber of secrets

  8. 8 What!!

  9. 9 THIS IS WHY. "Friends don't let friends drink alone"

  10. 10 Let's see what happens

  11. 11 She's looking at something yummy

  12. 12 What you expect vs. what you get

  13. 13 Just a bowl

  14. 14 Touch!

  15. 15 Drunk asf

  16. 16 Smarties

  17. 17 Here, my turn!

  18. 18 Panda lady

  19. 19 Crazy!

  20. 20 Dancing and posing

  21. 21 Just regular gays... Guys*

  22. 22 What is this guy supposed to play?

  23. 23 *STATUE*

  24. 24 When I'm chillin' out with my friends and find my least favorite cousin

  25. 25 What's the point?

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