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People Who Went For Some Next Level Things

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People Who Went For Some Next Level Things

There is always a friend with an awkward taste who wants every weird thing in the market. So here we are sharing some weird stuff that is never going to be in fashion.

  1. 1 Rich people never disappoint

  2. 2 This snail ring

  3. 3 These curly sandals

  4. 4 This cat got a new haircut

  5. 5 Perhaps an apple a day keeps the doctor away

  6. 6 These look speeding up shoes

  7. 7 The ultimate form of transporktation

  8. 8 Skinned cholo

  9. 9 Metrocard nails

  10. 10 Curly chandelier

  11. 11 Don't let the neighbors look in...

  12. 12 Mouse necklace

  13. 13 Golf themed flip flops

  14. 14 No... Walmart no

  15. 15 I feel these would be cute for kids to wear though.

  16. 16 Golf phone

  17. 17 These jean shoes.

  18. 18 They make me feel ill.

  19. 19 That's grandma's camouflage

  20. 20 These muscle leggings.

  21. 21 Gives an all new meaning to camel toe

  22. 22 The frog is weird, but the Swan with the sharpie face in the "jar" to the right is by far a more intriguing discovery...

  23. 23 Budweiser Cowboy Hat

  24. 24 These awful Cheetos outfits

  25. 25 The entire booth at the fair was goods made out of jeans. Mostly from pants with pockets.

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Jessica Smith


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