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Photos Showing ‘Phineas and Ferb’ Was A Way Too Funny Kids TV Show

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Photos Showing 'Phineas and Ferb' Was A Way Too Funny Kids TV Show_004_Dp

Phineas and Ferb was the most interesting and entertaining disney tv show. Not only kids but adults as well loved to watch this show. Here are some jokes by ‘Phineas and Ferb’.

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  1. 1 You found something ridiculous, I can't believe

  2. 2 Ahh dumb!

  3. 3 Oh Heinz I feel sorry for you

  4. 4 Heinz had such a tragic childhood

  5. 5 Forever alone!

  6. 6 When Isabella dropped her glass slipperto get Phineas' attention but he walked away without even noticing.

  7. 7 Wtf

  8. 8 Roger recieved a mole from Aunt Effie

  9. 9 You're out of this

  10. 10 I love this

  11. 11 Finally she gotta kiss him!

  12. 12 Oh Ferb what are you doing there?

  13. 13 Monty is actually a good guy

  14. 14 What!!

  15. 15 Linda's sense of humor

  16. 16 Shouting like a monster!

  17. 17 I'm not afraid of dying but I'm afraid of 'taking bath'

  18. 18 Major Monogram is a total jerk

  19. 19 Oh Phineas act your age

  20. 20 Girls be like:

  21. 21 This way!

  22. 22 No!

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1 comment, 12 shares
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