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Real Ages Of Celebrities Will Give You A Shock

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People do not tell their age in public because they want to look young. Who are these people these are celebrities? Most celebs do not tell about their real age. Some of them look young in old age and some looks old in young age. And some maintain their health and body to look young. Here is the list of some famous celebrities with their real age. Please do not forget to like and share.

  1. 1 Kate Upton is only 22. We're not saying she looks older because of the boobs,'s the boobs.

  2. 2 Must be a Spider-Man thing, because Maguire looks a lot younger than he is. Which is 39.

  3. 3 Patrick Stewart has been drinking from the fountain of youth. He is 72, as if any of us could comprehend that.

  4. 4 Sofia Vergara is what we all strive to look like when we're 42.

  5. 5 Maybe it's a bald thing, but without the hair, it becomes a lot more difficult to believe that Vin Diesel is 47.

  6. 6 British men don't age. If they did, then Statham would be 47. But since he doesn't age, he's whatever you believe.

  7. 7 Johnny Depp hasn't played a teenager in decades, but he still has a youthful face that makes it hard for anyone to understand how he's 51.

  8. 8 This former Hannah Montana star is 37, which means he was in his 30's when he kissed Emily Osment (16 at the time) on the show. Yikes.

  9. 9 Alyson Hannigan still has a young face, even though she recently just turned 40.

  10. 10 Elijah Wood has looked the same since the early 2000's, but has he been aging since then? Yes, he has. He is 33 now.

  11. 11 Robert Downey Jr. is one of many men on this list that have aged like a fine wine. He looks better now than he did 20 years ago, so we find it hard to believe he's turning 50 next April.

  12. 12 Samuel L. Jackson is older, that much we all knew. But 65?! We were not expecting that one.

  13. 13 Sarah Hyland is another one on this list that looks like she belongs in high school, but she'll be 24 on November 24th.

  14. 14 Emma Stone is 25, but her world views and kind heart make her seem much more mature than that.

  15. 15 Keanu Reeves hasn't really aged much since the 90's, so it's hard to think that he's gotten older. But he has and he's 50 now.

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