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Reasons Why You Should Stop Trusting Social Media

Reasons Why You Should Stop Trusting Social Media

On social media, we upload our best photos for our friends and family to see. Often times, we’ll take several photos to make sure the picture is just right. Some people go above taking a perfect picture by enhancing it with Photoshop. And as photo editing gets simpler and simpler with plenty of photo editing applications and Snapchat filters, who’s to say what’s real and what’s fake anymore?

  1. 1 Too risky?

  2. 2 The secret behind a perfect photo

  3. 3 I'm impressed!

  4. 4 Just a manipulated shot

  5. 5 Not so hard to try

  6. 6 The background

  7. 7 Now you know the reality

  8. 8 A flying horse

  9. 9 Gotta try this one

  10. 10 Not really enjoying at beach

  11. 11 Shocked?

  12. 12 Make changes as you want

  13. 13 All you need to do is call you friend with best photoshop skills

  14. 14 Use some extra colors

  15. 15 Skills!

  16. 16 Some real effects

  17. 17 Sometimes people have a little help behind the scenes…

  18. 18 This guy is bold doing this in public! People must have been confused…

  19. 19 Well, this guy has taught many people how to make it look like they have a car…

  20. 20 This sort of thing happens way more than people are willing to admit!

  21. 21 Train And You Will Succeed Or, just find a mate who will help you fake a photo!

  22. 22 We love what he did with the place! Oh wait…

  23. 23 Left A Hefty Tip Unless the person behind this received awful service this is quite mean. We bet the server got so excited!

  24. 24 I Love It When Bae Cooks For Me

  25. 25 These girls did good! That photo definitely would have fooled us…

  26. 26 People will find numerous ways of faking having loads of cash. Here’s an example…

  27. 27 Let them think you’re getting the perfect stretch.

  28. 28 The true illusionist

  29. 29 “Took the whip out for a wash.”

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Jessica Smith


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