30 People Found Themselves in Most Difficult Situations That Made Them Say 'Shit Happens' - Mix Ping

30 People Found Themselves in Most Difficult Situations That Made Them Say ‘Shit Happens’

30 People Found Themselves in Most Difficult Situations That Made Them Say ‘Shit Happens'

If you think daily life is no fun then think about the people who face the most awkward situations maybe you find their life more interesting. Even normal life feels boring. Sometimes, even normal things happen to be the most awkward piece of shit.

  1. 1 "My toothpaste came out looking like a nose"

  2. 2 Boom. Headshot.

  3. 3 "A piece of white cheddar smart food popcorn got stuck in the charger port of my phone"

  4. 4 That’s how I roll

  5. 5 "Somebody in my hometown’s retribution for a neighbor leaving their dog’s poop on the ground."

  6. 6 "Amazon sent a glass bottle of hot sauce in a soft pouch and the shattered glass cut my finger as soon as I opened it. Needed three stitches."

  7. 7 "Decided to paint my skirt black, BOTH gloves I was wearing broke, and I have a fancy dinner to go to tomorrow. Rubbers don’t always work my friends"

  8. 8 "Got a sweet new blacktop driveway after years of a gravel one. Only 79 Fahrenheit today in Michigan..."

  9. 9 A normal day on Scotland

  10. 10 "I ordered take out from a local restaurant for lunch today, this is how my burger came..."

  11. 11 "This pretty big wasp nest in my garage"

  12. 12 Ughh please!

  13. 13 "My little sister kept this in the basket on her bike"

  14. 14 "My soup flipped itself over in the microwave"

  15. 15 "Browsing while eating dal"

  16. 16 "I just want to unlock my front door"

  17. 17 Good start to the day...

  18. 18 For all the people who are under rollers...TIL

  19. 19 "Fell from the top rack onto the heating element in the dishwasher. The kitchen smelled like burning plastic for two weeks."

  20. 20 "So my ceiling caved in..."

  21. 21 "I accidentally locked my dog in the bedroom before I left the house..."

  22. 22 "I'll buy the last one to knock it loose."

  23. 23 Chocolate donut

  24. 24 "Culver's forgot to finish my sandwich."

  25. 25 "The new sets of plates that I bought my wife because she passed law school didn't last 24 hours... and with no money for a new set, we're gonna eat a lot of soup from now on"

  26. 26 "This was my dad's boat on our 2nd time out after buying it. It was also on my birthday."

  27. 27 "The pizza I made for dinner"

  28. 28 "Buying a chocolate bar and getting stuck behind a woman from a maths quiz"

  29. 29 "Stepped onto this fucker and you thought Legos were bad. Welcome to the UK"

  30. 30 Local paper company overloaded a trailer causing it to fold.

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