Shitty Life Hacks That Super Talented People Are Sharing on Internet - Mix Ping

Shitty Life Hacks That Super Talented People Are Sharing on Internet

Shitty Life Hacks That Super Talented People Are Sharing on Internet

Everything that surrounds us can be modified and used for our own convenience. Internet users keep inventing different useful tricks and sharing them throughout the web.

Where there are life hacks that help us with almost half of the daily life issues, we found the shitty hacks that should be called shit than life hacks. Yet these shitty hacks are rolling over the Internet making the world laugh. We have made a new compilation for you that we are eagerly looking forward to sharing with you.

  1. 1 Using a folding lawn chair woulda given you an extra cup holder or two as well.

  2. 2 Pizza to hot? Use a blow dryer on cold

  3. 3 Don’t have a lid for your pan? Use another pan

  4. 4 When you steal a phone, check behind the case for stashed money!

  5. 5 How to treat mosquito bites.

  6. 6 Want to play the switch upside down?

  7. 7 Now you can lose both your wallet and all ur keys at the same time!!

  8. 8 Only moon light I can afford

  9. 9 Car AC broken? Just get some pvc pipes!

  10. 10 No power cable for your computer? No problem!

  11. 11 Lost corkscrew? Or maybe it doesn’t fit back? Wine going stale? Introducing the wine bottle condom. All it takes is one kitchen glove finger and a pair of scissors. Stay safe and use protection!

  12. 12 Cheap and portable table

  13. 13 "My 11 year old sister put a plastic ziplock bag over bowl so she doesn’t have to clean it"

  14. 14 Thanks Nestle....

  15. 15 Another way to prevent uncomfortable stares

  16. 16 SLH Eternal Power!

  17. 17 When your shoes are wet

  18. 18 Get Shoes Polished Free in an Airport

  19. 19 Mobile holder

  20. 20 Crocs can TOTALLY double as a very easily portable croc-in-a-croc wristband.

  21. 21 Cups from water bottles! Great way to save money on cups!

  22. 22 Tired of loose plugs? Try this hack!

  23. 23 Best way to get wax out of your ear buds

  24. 24 Heating brownies with laptop chargers

  25. 25 Don’t have a wine stopper? Use an anal plug!

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