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Something was PHOTOSHOPICALLY Wrong With the Posters of These Blockbuster Movies


Movie posters are used the world over to advertise upcoming films. There are countless iconic posters throughout history that do an amazing job of grabbing your attention. Then there are posters that grab your attention, but for the completely wrong reasons. We are talking about Photoshop fails. It’s no secret that the appearance of actors and actresses is “altered” on posters, but some just take the biscuit.

We’ve rounded up a selection of some the of the funniest, unbelievable and downright bizarre movie poster Photoshop fails.

  1. 1 Aquaman (2018)

    In 2018, the promotion started for the Aquaman film with this Tweet appearing online. The internet quickly realized the sharks in the background had been copied in from Getty images and they set about making their own versions. One of which included a mass of Disney characters making cameo appearances.

  2. 2 Tomb Raider (2018)

    This poster for the upcoming rebirth of Tomb Raider shows the gorgeous Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft. What's wrong with it, we hear you ask? Take a closer look at her neck and you'll notice she's been morphed into a human/giraffe hybrid. It's too long and too curved to be considered human.

  3. 3 Arrival (2016)

    Again, this poster for Arrival looks absolutely fine at first, the large black puck-like alien ship has descended on an Asian city. But which Asian city? Going by the majority of the skyline, you'd be right for saying Hong Kong. However, the tall building at the front right, with the sphere near the top, that doesn't belong in Hong Kong. That's because it's Shanghai's Pearl Tower. This version of the poster caused such uproar in Hong Kong that it was removed and corrected less than 24 hours after being released.

  4. 4 I Am Warth (2016)

    I Am Wrath stars a then-62-year-old John Travolta on his mission to catch his wife's killers and get justice. The biggest discrepancy with the film's poster is just how smooth Travolta's skin is for a man of his age. We know several Hollywood stars use certain surgeries to mask their wrinkles, but his face just doesn't look real.

  5. 5 I Am Warth (2016)

    Another weirdly Photoshopped version of the I Am Wrath film poster sees Travolta appearing in what looks more like a video game poster than a film poster. It's as if he's been crafted with computer graphics rather than snapped with a camera.

  6. 6 I Am Warth (2016)

    Third time's a charm? What is going on with the proportions of John Travolta's body? We don't remember him being so short or having such a massive head, do you?

  7. 7 The Boss (2016)

    Here's another example (it won't be the last, trust us) of when airbrushing goes too far. Melissa McCarthy doesn't need any help looking young, but whoever made this poster obviously felt she needed a touch-up.

  8. 8 The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

    The Legend of Tarzan received mixed reviews from critics and if you take a look at the ape on the right, he looks a bit dumbfounded by that. All the other apes in the poster look angry and, well, ape-like. But the one on the right comes across a bit too gormless for our liking. 

  9. 9 Logan (2016)

    Logan was an absolute marvel of a film and provided a fitting farewell for Hugh Jackman as our favorite clawed-crusader. It's therefore annoying that a film so great was given a poster with a mistake. We imagine Hugh Jackman's hands are pretty big, they certainly look it in this poster. So quite how a young girl's hand is able to fit around it begs the question "how long are her fingers?!".

  10. 10 Hit by Lightning (2014)

    This poster for Hit by Lightning is considered by some to be the worst of all time. The three actors featured clearly aren't in bed together and in fact, they're clearly not in a bed at all. It was no doubt done quickly and on a budget, but how it got signed off and used as the official poster, we'll never know.

  11. 11 Chef (2014)

    Another poster that just screams Photoshop fail is this one for Chef. Where to start? Firstly, Scarlett Johansson's arms appear to have a different skin tone to her head. Sofia Vergara's picture looks like it was taken from a red carpet shoot and then superimposed, not to mention the fact her head looks too large for the rest of her body. And there's also the blazing obvious fact none of them are actually wearing chef's hats, but have rather been Photoshopped to appear as if they are. 

  12. 12 The Need for Speed (2014)

    This poster for Need for Speed is another where you might not, at first glance, think there's anything wrong with it, but when you consider the height of the cars compared to the actors, you notice some issues. Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper aren't the tallest men around, but we're pretty confident they're a fair bit taller than the cars they're standing next to.

  13. 13 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn't make some Photoshop errors with just one poster, but two. In the first, Emma Stone has a ridiculously long right arm that just doesn't look right, while the second isn't as obvious at first.

  14. 14 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

    It may look cool, Spidey hanging off the side of a building, but if you turn the picture around so the city is the right way up, it immediately becomes clear that he's defying gravity. Even with his ability to walk on walls, the angle he's at would surely see him fall off. 

  15. 15 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    These posters for Captain America: The Winter Soldier have all the classic hallmarks of Hollywood Photoshopping. Scarlet Johansson is already perfect as she is, yet the Hollywood big-wigs clearly thought she needed to have a much slimmer waist than she actually does. Anthony Mackie's body meanwhile goes from tough, big chest to a tiny little waist and slim legs. We're pretty sure he wouldn't miss leg day at the gym, so he must have had something to say about this image. 

  16. 16 The Heat (2013)

    Poor Melissa McCarthy, someone clearly thinks she doesn't look that great, as once again she's been the victim of some serious airbrushing to make her face look smoother than a bald man's polished head. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending which way you look at it, she's not alone as Sandra Bullock has received the same treatment too. 

  17. 17 Grudge Match (2013)

    Grudge Match tells the story of two retired boxers stepping into the ring with each other for one last fight and stars two of Hollywood's greatest actors in Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro. While we're aware they have the financial clout to keep themselves looking younger for longer, we really don't think their bodies look 60+ years old. They're no doubt in better shape than we could ever imagine being at the same age, but the bodies in this poster look far too young for such iconic and instantly recognizable actors. 

  18. 18 What To Expect When You're Expecting (2012)

    There's not a huge amount wrong with the men at the bottom of this poster for What To Expect, the problems lie with the ladies at the top. They've been airbrushed, superimposed (we can't believe actresses of their caliber all happened to be free on the same day for a poster shoot) and Elizabeth Banks' neck seems to have disappeared.

  19. 19 Trespass (2011)

    We don't even feel the need to say what's wrong with this poster for Trespass, as it should be obvious. Both Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman have been airbrushed to within an inch of their lives to the point where they don't even look like real people. 

  20. 20 Gulliver's Travels (2011)

    Besides the fact Jack Black, like most other actors, has been airbrushed, we can't help but wonder where his teeth have gone. Sure, he's aghast at his situation, but we've looked in the mirror while pulling a similar expression and we can see teeth. 

  21. 21 The Greening Of Whitney Brown (2011)

    There are several things wrong with this image, the most obvious of which is probably fitting a horse in a Mini Cooper. Surely they're horsing around with this one?

  22. 22 The Penthouse (2010)

    Yet another poster that makes it seem near-on impossible to get the film's actors together at one time for an in-the-bed shot. In this poster for The Penthouse, proportions look wrong, they're very clearly superimposed, who wears heels in bed? why is there a beer bottle that has been shrunk down? The questions go on and on.

  23. 23 The Bounty Hunter (2010)

    There are a few things wrong with this poster for the not-very-well-received The Bounty Hunter. Firstly, we're pretty sure Jennifer Aniston's head is not twice the size of Gerard Butler's. It's not as if you can take perception into account and Gerard is sitting in the distance unless of course, Jennifer's body is a lot longer than we think. And as for where Gerard is sitting (on Jen's left buttcheek it seems), it must be like a bean bag for him to be so sunk into her. 

  24. 24 Life As We Know It (2010)

    The makers of this poster for Life As We Know It have somehow made it devoid of any depth perception. Josh Duhamel looks like he could kick the baby when he swings his right left, while Katherine Heigl could, in fact, be reaching for his left to hold him back. Then there's the cot, which could either be in the middle of the room, or by the window, we just can't tell.

  25. 25 Sex and the City 2 (2010)

    The four leading ladies of SATC 2 won the Golden Raspberry Award for worst actress for this film and we feel the poster could win an award for being one of the worst as well. Sarah Jessica Parker's eyes look far too close together and the silhouetted calf under her dress looks much larger than the one on her visible leg. Kim Cattrall's left arm has a huge elbow (one bigger than her neck) and an exceptionally long forearm. 

    Kristin Davis' knees can be seen as a shadow through SJP's dress, and they look incredibly low down. Either she's incredibly tall, or she's sunk into a deep hole. 

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