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Unique Photos That You Should See Right Now

Unique Photos That You Should See Right Now

The internet loves a good compilation of unique photos. So here are the oddly satisfying as well as interesting yet rare photos. Scroll down and have fun.

  1. 1 This tree fell and pulled the whole lawn up with it

  2. 2 When a sheep hasn’t been sheared for 6 years

  3. 3 Apparently this is how babies get X-rays

  4. 4 A handprint of an 8-year-old boy after playing outside

  5. 5 How the sun looks when you take pictures at the same place and time every week for a year:

  6. 6 The life cycle of a leaf

  7. 7 A turtle coming out of hibernation

  8. 8 In 1974, the legendary pharaoh Ramesses II was issued a valid Egyptian passport so that his 3,000-year-old mummy could be flown to Paris for necessary repair

  9. 9 This sealed plastic bottle shows how air pressure changes with height.

  10. 10 The incredible powers of a ballet dancer

  11. 11 An electrician was left with stars in his eyes after experiencing a 14,000-volt shock through his body.

  12. 12 The before and after pictures of a man who walked across China for a year

  13. 13 This sunset above the clouds looks like lava in the sky.

  14. 14 My professor brought in a 10MB hard disk from the 1960's

  15. 15 One million Earths: A visual representation of how many Earths could fit inside the sun.

  16. 16 A seed travels a long way to get to your cup of coffee.

  17. 17 Apparently, hairless guinea pigs look exactly like tiny hippos.

  18. 18 The world's smallest city park, located in Portland, OR

  19. 19 Millions of years in one picture

  20. 20 A polar bear paw compared to human hands

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